St George’s Day – Scouting’s National Day

St. George’s Day Parade St-Georges-logo-2020

Sunday 26th April,
10:00am to 11:00am.

As last year, 8th Cheam will be hosting our own parade starting at the 8th Cheam Headquarters at 10am.

We will parade our colours in Cheam Village and hold a short promise renewal in Cheam Park before returning for your child’s collection from the HQ at 11am.

Full uniform please which includes; sweatshirts for Beavers and Cubs, shirts for Scouts; Group scarf and woggle; navy blue/dark trousers; belts (scouts) and black shoes. We would also suggest that everyone brings a coat, just in case of inclement weather. (Not an excuse for not turning out!)

If you would like to follow your young person and the parade please do and why not join us at the hall for a cup of tea or coffee afterwards.

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