Diary & HQ Maintenance 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on 8th Cheam.

All parts of the Scout movement, locally and nationally, are being adversely affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Given the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, we thought we would provide an update on how this is affecting scouting at 8th Cheam.
In the first instance we have been taking advice from Scout Headquarters at Gilwell who have been providing updates and general guidance over the past weeks.
More importantly, how 8th Cheam are supporting our young people while our face to face meetings have been suspended.

We are using Zoom as our on-line meeting platform.

The leaders and executive (after a few early tech problems) are keeping up to date with on-line meetings to discuss the day to day running of the group’s finances, its HQ, programme ideas and updates and to keep up to date with all the latest information sent down from the Scout Association.

We are still delivering a comprehensive programme.

All our sections are either communicating with parents via email and/or WhatsApp or running weekly Zoom meetings so that our young people can keep learning and stay safe, like nights away at home, other badges and much more…

Let’s care for care homes.

Over the next few weeks the Scout Association are asking young people to collectively carry out 10,000 Acts of Kindness to help reduce loneliness and improve the well-being of people isolated in care homes. 8th Cheam are supporting this Scout Associations project by creating ‘Kindness Rocks’. Our  young people will be painting stones/pebbles as animals, birds or insects for a local care home to go in the residents garden to lift their spirits and bring enjoyment to all.


A colossal thank you and well done to everyone who has already completed their Hike to the Moon! Thanks to your effort, the Scout Association has raised over £340,000 and a further £32,000 through badge sales. The target was to reach the moon, 240,000 miles away, but has completed a mammoth 480,000 mile journey to the Moon and back!

If you’ve got any miles left to record, please add them here: scouts.org.uk/hiketothemoon. All donations are for BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief. This campaign closes on 23rd May.

St. Georges Day/Promise renewal.

8th Cheam held its own St. Georges Day/Promise renewal on-line via Zoom on Sunday 26th April. It went exceptionally well and was admirably organised by Nic our GSL. An enormous thank you to all those members that played their sections part and everyone else who joined us, for 8th Cheam’s first multi-screen event, well done.

If you’d like your child to join 8th Cheam.

8th Cheam are still taking on new members so, if you are thinking of your child joining us, just send an email to the respective section, Beavers 6-8, Cubs 8-10, Scouts 10-14, Adult Volunteer, (see relevant pages) we will send you an application form by return email.

Stay safe and well

8th Cheam Scout Group


Diary Dates 2020

Please note these dates as they are important events in the Group/Scouting/HQ calendar or to help raise funds for the Group’s maintenance projects.

Specialised Help Needed 2020

Plumber – needed to replace jammed stopcock and self flushing cistern in boys toilet.

HQ Maintenance 2020

Throughout the year the group runs maintenance /clean-up days on various Saturdays throughout the year, as well as putting its efforts into completing the renewal or upkeep of various projects.

Project for 2020 – We will hope to start to renew our shed roofs this year. At the moment the sheds are mainly empty (although they are slowly filling with junk) due to old, broken and leaking roofs. We will need skips to take the old roofing away, new roofing materials and your skill and effort in helping us to complete this project this year. Dates will be set and leaflets will be posted. The proposed start date is 4th & 5th April.

The hall opens for general maintenance/cleaning from 10.30am to 4.30pm approx. Most tools supplied.
Tea & Coffee supplied (lunch supplied if helping for most of the day).

THE SMALL PRINT: All dates/times/venues are subject to change.
As well as each section running its own events during this term, so look out for the emails and or letters.
If you haven’t received the latest group/section email or hand-out letter, please speak to your section leader for confirmation of the above dates, times and venues. It’s your responsibility to check all of the above and emails/letters so that you or your child doesn’t miss out on any forthcoming event.

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