Diary & HQ Maintenance 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on 8th Cheam.

All parts of the Scout movement, locally and nationally, are being adversely affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Given the current situation regarding the Coronavirus, we thought we would provide an update on how this is affecting scouting at 8th Cheam.
In the first instance we have been taking advice from Scout Headquarters at Gilwell who have been providing updates and general guidance over the past weeks.
More importantly, how 8th Cheam are supporting our young people while our face to face meetings have been suspended.

We are using Zoom as our on-line meeting platform.

The leaders and executive (after a few early tech problems) are keeping up to date with on-line meetings to discuss the day to day running of the group’s finances, its HQ, programme ideas and updates and to keep up to date with all the latest information sent down from the Scout Association.

We are still delivering a comprehensive programme.

All our sections are either communicating with parents via email and/or WhatsApp or running weekly Zoom meetings so that our young people can keep learning and stay safe, like nights away at home, other badges and much more…

Let’s care for care homes.

Over the next few weeks the Scout Association are asking young people to collectively carry out 10,000 Acts of Kindness to help reduce loneliness and improve the well-being of people isolated in care homes. 8th Cheam are supporting this Scout Associations project by creating ‘Kindness Rocks’. Our  young people will be painting stones/pebbles as animals, birds or insects for a local care home to go in the residents garden to lift their spirits and bring enjoyment to all.


A colossal thank you and well done to everyone who has already completed their Hike to the Moon! Thanks to your effort, the Scout Association has raised over £340,000 and a further £32,000 through badge sales. The target was to reach the moon, 240,000 miles away, but has completed a mammoth 480,000 mile journey to the Moon and back!

If you’ve got any miles left to record, please add them here: All donations are for BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief. This campaign closes on 23rd May.

St. Georges Day/Promise renewal.

8th Cheam held its own St. Georges Day/Promise renewal on-line via Zoom on Sunday 26th April. It went exceptionally well and was admirably organised by Nic our GSL. An enormous thank you to all those members that played their sections part and everyone else who joined us, for 8th Cheam’s first multi-screen event, well done.

If you’d like your child to join 8th Cheam.

8th Cheam are still taking on new members so, if you are thinking of your child joining us, just send an email to the respective section, Beavers 6-8, Cubs 8-10, Scouts 10-14, Adult Volunteer, (see relevant pages) we will send you an application form by return email.

Stay safe and well

8th Cheam Scout Group


Diary Dates 2020

Please note these dates as they are important events in the Group/Scouting/HQ calendar or to help raise funds for the Group’s maintenance projects.

Specialised Help Needed 2020

Plumber – needed to replace jammed stopcock and self flushing cistern in boys toilet.

HQ Maintenance 2020

Throughout the year the group runs maintenance /clean-up days on various Saturdays throughout the year, as well as putting its efforts into completing the renewal or upkeep of various projects.

Project for 2020 – We will hope to start to renew our shed roofs this year. At the moment the sheds are mainly empty (although they are slowly filling with junk) due to old, broken and leaking roofs. We will need skips to take the old roofing away, new roofing materials and your skill and effort in helping us to complete this project this year. Dates will be set and leaflets will be posted. The proposed start date is 4th & 5th April.

The hall opens for general maintenance/cleaning from 10.30am to 4.30pm approx. Most tools supplied.
Tea & Coffee supplied (lunch supplied if helping for most of the day).

THE SMALL PRINT: All dates/times/venues are subject to change.
As well as each section running its own events during this term, so look out for the emails and or letters.
If you haven’t received the latest group/section email or hand-out letter, please speak to your section leader for confirmation of the above dates, times and venues. It’s your responsibility to check all of the above and emails/letters so that you or your child doesn’t miss out on any forthcoming event.

AGM 2018/2019 Report & Accounts

Annual General Meeting 2018/192018 Scouts 8th Cheam Centred
Report & Accounts

Chairman’s Report

As in previous years I am awed by the amount of hard work and dedication by the Section Leaders, the members of the Executive and all those who volunteer their time to ensure that this group runs as well as it does. I once again want to take this opportunity to thank them all.

8th Cheam is a community in which of like-minded people and their children and young adults can meet and learn and ultimately to grow in order to reach their full potential. Long may it continue.

I  leave you with a quote from the Chief Scout – Bear Grylls

“Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends. This is what I love about Scouting. It’s about doing great things, loving and enjoying the great adventures and helping others to do the same.”

Executive Chairman

GSL Report

This year has been a mixed year. There have been some low points and some high points but thankfully, all in all it’s been a positive one. Numbers are generally up across the sections which are always a great indicator of the hard work and effort Lynx, Akela, Skip and all the section leaders put into providing quality engaging programmes. As a result it is also great to see so many kids achieving the top awards in their sections.

Unfortunately we’ve lost two assistant Cub Leaders just before Christmas due to increasing work commitments but conversely we welcome a new assistant into the Beaver leader team; he is currently speeding through his training well on the way to becoming an Assistant Beaver Leader.
On a similar note, Skip has been unable to lead the Scout meetings for the last term due to work commitments but Skips Assistant Leader has stepped in leading an excellent Expedition Skills based programme in his place.

It was great to see all the sections get away again for our Group Camp in September. Equally the scouts lead their second self-contained summer camp last year which was also a resounding success. Plans for 2019 include more interaction with District activities including Cubjam, Scout paintballing and the long weekend sailing trip around the Solent (all of these have happened and were thoroughly enjoyed by all.)

No report would be complete without mentioning the other half of the Adult volunteers who work hard to provide the facilities we are privileged to occupy. The Executive, led by Ronan, have pulled together to focus on serious fundraising for a long term hall maintaining programme. Over the last
few years we have seen the fencing completed (almost!), the hall lighting upgraded and funds are busy being secured for the replacement of our hall heaters. Efficiencies are being driven by the central collection of online subs payments, badge and award payments and the collation of other disparate functions.

And finally I would like to make special mention my father, who continues to work tirelessly in the background formulating the maintenance programme, creating all the wonderful notices, letters and posters, maintaining the website and assisting me with GDPR, DBS checks, the compass data base and much, much more. Thank you.

The group is in a good place at the moment with a solid base to work from. We still have leader shortages and desperately need permanent Cub assistance so if you have an hour and a half to spare a week, please come and join a great bunch of like-minded people working to shape our children’s futures.


Treasurers Report

Income: The group has continued to benefit from a successful and strategic fundraising committee. The committee works closely with the executive committee to plan and prioritise fundraising to ensure we can continue to maintain our hall.  Initiatives such as the fencing project have resulted in the group being able to completely upgrade the boundary fence thanks to donations of time, equipment and materials. Our lights have been upgraded, the cost of which has been funded through grants and fundraising events. The scouts have invested in camping equipment through their evening walking the streets with the Rotary Santa Sleigh. Next year will we turn our fundraising efforts to our heaters and windows.  These types of maintenance projects are outside the scope of termly subs and I would encourage you to please continue to support our fundraising events.

Gift Aid remains a significant source of income for the group. I would encourage all members to complete a gift aid if appropriate for them to do so. Please return them to your section leader.

Expenses: The accounts clearly identify that our utilities have increased from last year. Our light and heating costs have increased by 25% in 18/19. The group is vigilant in maintaining accurate meter readings and seeking charitable status for our utility bills. However, our aging heaters are inefficient hence our drive to raise funds to replace them. Our administration expenses are reducing as we move away from printed handouts and towards electronic forms of communication.

The executive committee continues to look at our membership numbers to ensure we are a viable and active group that has the resources to provide good quality scouting activities.

Group Treasurer

Beaver Report11BeaverRGBblue

Another ‘Fun’ packed year has gone, the spring term finishing with ten Beavers gaining their Bronze Award which is the highest to be gained as a Beaver.
Together our activities have gained the Collectors, Cyclist, Builder, Hobbies and the Health and Fitness badges. Our other weekly meetings activities help towards the Challenge Badges, there are six to gain.
Outside we have been learning tracking signs and laying trails, cooking hotdogs on mini BBQ’s and helping to put up a tent and singing at our Guy Fawkes campfire and our annual torch walk to the park. Twelve Beavers enjoyed a sleepover at our Group Camp weekend in September taking part in various onsite activities, a campfire and sleeping in tents and dining outside.
Some useful skills have been, learning and practicing our simple knots and ironing our scarves, packing a rucksack, sewing on buttons and starting our map reading for the Navigators badge.
Beavers like to cook and so we have made bread rolls twice, cookies and fruit kebabs.  With a very successful end of year Chefs and Waiters evening where parents are invited back to sample sandwiches and cakes that the Beavers have made all served with tea.
Last summer we had a visit from a lovely lady, who was blind, and her guide dog. The children learned what it was like to be blind and how the dogs help with everyday chores and getting about.
The Beavers showed what other talents they have outside of Beavers when we had a ‘Beavers Got Talent’ evening from singing to magic.  We also took part in the Groups Christmas Carol Service acting and singing the 12 days of Christmas which went down well with the audience.

Finally welcome to my new sectional assistant Adam and for all his help these last few months.  Also thanks to Kit for another successful year. Thanks also to the parents on the Rota without your help it would not be possible to run our successful colony evenings.


Cub Report2CubRGBgreen

We have had a roller coaster of a year at cubs. We had a brilliant time learning about each other’s collections and seeing how passionate we all are about what we collect.
All of the cubs blew us away with their hidden talents at our ‘Cubs Got Talent’; we can’t wait to see what next years ‘Cubs Got Talent’ will bring.
We let the sixers run a cub meeting and they ran games and all the leaders and parent helpers became cubs for evening so the sixers could understand what it is like to be a leader.
I would like to say well done to all the cubs that came our to St. George’s day parade, you made us really proud.
Thank you to all the parents for your continued support with the running of cubs meetings.
We was very sad to say goodbye to two of my loyal assistants who have both been given amazing new job opportunities and we wish them all the best in their new jobs we will miss you all load.
I would like to personally thank William & Jessica, Jack, Oliver, Santiago & Matais and Susan for being my guard of honour at my wedding in August. You all looked very smart and it made the day even more magical so thank you all so much.  Akela

Scout Report3ScoutsRGBgreen

2018 scout camp was at Broadstone Warren. Along with 17 Scouts and leaders we were joined by 5 cubs, which were joining the troop in September, who came down for an overnight stay to see what scouting and scout camps were all about.
We had some great weather for it. With all that lovely sun shine and extreme heat the wood ants were out in force, marching right through the middle of the camp site. They even showed us how fast they could dismantle and carry away a grasshopper.
We had a great time bivouacking, all the scouts and cubs slept out in bashers under the stars, many of the scouts up and talking until the early hours.
The go-carting was really good, all the scout having a fantastic time and it was great to see how competitive some of them can get. Also that some of the scouts and leaders really can’t drive!
The camp ended well with a last big activity, axe throwing. Surprising how may scout are good at it and is wasn’t those you would have expected?
A new school year saw new cubs moving up into the troop, and good bye to 2 scouts as they moved up to Explorer Scouts/Young Leaders. Also a big congratulation to Isobel for completing her Chief Scout Gold Award that was presented at the groups carol service.
I would like to thank all the other leaders and parents who have helped Sam at our Monday meetings while I have been working in the north of England. Skip


Minutes of AGM will be published at a future date.

Fence Project – Phase III – Final update

Fence Project - Phase III - Final update

Fence Project III – UPDATE 1st November 2019

28th September 2019 – The weather held and there was a good turnout of parents so this project which started in 2015 (Part I) with a few broken and sawn up pallets is finally finished. The group would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all the parents and leaders who over the past five years have dedicated their time, skill, effort and donations into helping us to complete this marathon project! Apart from some weather proofing and building up the gravel boards it is all completed and the hall is secure. Thanks again to all who helped.

21st or 28th September 2019 – The project has crept over into 2019 but hopefully over one of these two Saturdays the final 4 sections of fence can be fitted.

23rd August 2019 – Trespassers in the HQ grounds during the summer break – The first break in ripped the rear doors of the garage open, smashed some of the concrete gravel boards that were yet to be fitted and broke one of the CCTV cameras. The second time they built a large fire with some of the fence panels, wooden posts and pallets set aside to complete this project. Striped the lead flashing off the garage roof (total vandalism) and constructed a ladder out of scaffold poles and road barriers to climb over the fence from the park that runs along the side of the HQ.

Although the trespassers were visible both times on our CCTV they seem to know that nothing will happen by their actions in front of the cameras. This has resulted in us having to hastily constructing a new gate beside our garage to block any access to the rear of the hall. Clearing up the mess caused by the fire and retrieving everything from the park that had been thrown over.

7th April 2019 –  Along with a general spring clean of the HQ, a skip had been delivered allowing us to clear all of the old fencing, leaving the grounds at the rear of the hall relatively safe, tidy and clear at last. The day also allowed for the remainder of the new fence to have a final coat of weather proofing.

25th November 2018 – Although the majority of the new fencing has been weather proofed with fence protection by a parent during the half-term, the 25th had been marked in the calendar to finish the job but, as has dogged this project, it rained (although it would have been nice if a few of those who organised the date had turned up). That didn’t stop myself and one other parent (Oscar and his two sons) clearing up the piles of leaves that fall on and around our property from the surrounding trees every autumn.

20th October 2018– The weather stayed fine and the last few panels of fencing were erected. This completes a major section of fencing along our boundary with the park. Thanks again to Val, Oscar and Stuart for all your efforts. With only the section behind the garage to complete, the end is now in sight. See pictures below.

20th-21st October 2018 – We have set the date to try to finish the renewal of the last few sections of the fence along our park side. Lets hope the weather doesn’t delay it any further.  We need help to paint the new fence, clear the undergrowth, dig out the annoying sapling along the fence line, remove the last pieces of old fence and construct the new one. We really need to push on with this project before the on-set of winter and the ground becomes to muddy to work safely.

26th July 2108- Unfortunately the weather was against us on the 26th as it was the first substantial rainfall this summer. We really need to push on with this project before the on-set of winter. So it will be as planned for another date — to clear the weeds etc. from the old fence and erect the last sections of new — on a date yet to be set!

Sunday 26th July 2108 – We aim is to clear the last section of old fencing, weeds and young saplings along our boundary with the park in preparation for the installation of a final push to finish the project in August.

Saturday 23rd June  2108 – a great day. We managed to erect six 2.8meter lengths of new fence along the park side. Removing the old posts repositioning and resetting them, bolting on the timber uprights and then securing the fence panels. As well as replacing two sections of fencing that run along the boundary with our neighbours. Between us we all achieved a lot before running out of time, energy and materials. Our thanks to all those who turned out especially Val and Oscar who between them completed 75% of the fence that runs along the park side.

Phase I, II & III: Boundary Fence Renewal

Over the past three years (2015-18) we have been rebuilding our boundary fences mainly with your help and a lot of donated material (palettes etc), And more recently approximately 25 meters of fence panels with posts have been kindly donated.

We have had many pledges of support-in-kind from many parents and friends who have offered both skilled and unskilled labour over the first 2 Phases.

Actual cost of Phase 1 was £150, Phase 2 costs was £250. Phase 3 so far £250

Phase 3 of the Fence Project is to replace the boundary fence along the side of the hall facing the park. We are again asking for volunteers to pledge their free time to help construct the new one. You don’t have to be a veteran construction worker – assistance clearing vegetation, fetching materials or painting the fence are just as valuable.

We still need your help to complete this project. So if you can assist us in any way to keep the project rolling we will be very grateful. Future dates will be displayed in our Diary entry on this website.

Alternately, if you can’t spare the time, you can still help by sponsoring the project through a contribution to the purchase of our much needed supply materials.

£21 will help buy a pack of 10, 200mm Exterior Coach Bolts
£6 will help buy a bag of post mix
£35 will help buy a Roughneck Fibreglass Post-Hole Digger
£25 will help buy a Roughneck Ground Breaking Bar
£11 will help buy a pack of 50, 10x100mm TurboCoach Screws
£9 will help buy a 9ltr tub of Ronseal One Coat Fencelife (Dark Oak)

Such small sums as you feel able to contribute will take us closer towards our goal of a more secure headquarters to allow us to offer a better environment to build scouting qualities and abilities for all our members.

Thank you for your continued support.

Pictures of Fence Project Phase I, II & III

Please click on images to enlarge

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Many thanks in advance for your continued support.

8th Cheam Executive Committee

Volunteer…why not?

Take the 4 week Challengebear-g-pointing

Volunteering for Scouting is easier than you think.

We are currently looking for young people and adults to be part of something BIG and join our adventure at 8th Cheam.

Volunteer for just four weeks and be amazed at the difference you’ll make.

Week 1…see what we get up to
Week 2…start to help out
Week 3…get a little more involved
Week 4…you’ll know if Scouting is for you.

We have a wide range of flexible roles either supporting young people or behind the scenes.

Any help is truly amazing.


If you would like to or need further information on volunteering for the position of leader, helper or a committee member, please email us at:

The Group Executive Committee

This is vital for the running of the group as they make collaborative decisions and carry out administrative tasks to ensure the best quality of scouting for your children.

The Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader (GSL) in their duties and are financially and legally responsible for the running of the Group. The individuals who make up the Exec act as charity Trustees for the best interests of the children in every decision they make. Our group cannot run without it.

To enable the Group to continue running effectively, filling leader and executive roles has to be our main priority so that the group can continue to offer the best scouting experience in Cheam.

Project Memorial Square — Pictures

Project Memorial Square -- Pictures

Memorial Square







NEWS UPDATE: Updated outside lighting has been kindly donated and has now been installed.

We have now built a permanent brick BBQ, which will allow our members to brush-up on their cooking skills as well as create an area for parents to relax in at our Summer BBQ for instance (weather permitting of course!).

Stage 4: To erect a pagoda (when we can acquire the timber) over the area to give the area  protection and a little more privacy and to build in some permanent seating.

The final concepts of the ‘Memorial Square’ is shown above.

Any assistance or materials you can provide for this special project will be gratefully received. Just speak to your Section Leader or email us at

Our next big project is to repair and replace the fencing along our boundary with the park

Thanks to everybody involved for all your help in this project over the past couple of years.

Click below for full size images.