8th Cheam Easter Update 2021

1. Easter 2021 back together … at last!

With the burst of spring weather and the vaccine being rolled out across the country I hope we are now moving towards more positive times.

And with that in mind 8th Cheam are pleased to say we’re going to get back to some ‘face to face’ scouting after Easter. The Government and the National Youth Agency (NYA) advice is clear on what we can offer at present – that being outdoor meetings whilst maintaining an appropriate form of social distancing, however it is a little less clear as we move through our road to recovery.

With this in mind, the Beavers and the Cubs will be offering a programme of outdoor based activities starting after Easter and running up to the Summer holidays. Section Leaders will be in touch very soon with details of times, dates, activities and parent rota particulars.

The programme for our ‘Autumn Term’ will be set when we have further Government and NYA direction, but we hope we will be able to move back indoors at that point as well.

You should have received details of our Walton Firs Activity Day on 16th/17th April.
Following this, albeit via Zoom once again, will be our St. Georges Day Promise Renewal on Sunday 25th April 2021 at 3pm. More details to follow.

Scout Troop Leadership

We are currently without a Scout Troop Leadership team and therefore we are unable to offer a Scout programme for the Easter term.

We’re not the only group struggling with this conundrum right now, Leadership across the country has decreased by almost 10% over the last year and many groups will be struggling to offer any kind of scouting programme.

Conversely waiting lists for children to join are higher than ever which puts a real strain on the whole dynamic and places greater stress on existing leaders to take on more than is comfortable.
Naturally, we and the wider scouting community in Sutton are trying to fill this gap but with the same story in a number of groups across the district there will be no quick fix.

That said, we faced the same challenge back in 2019 when Hermione stepped down as Akela and a fantastic new leadership team emerged in the form of Ros, Alex and Sam. The Cub section is now a fun and vibrant place to be, with numbers now well into the thirties.

What can we do then?

Well, we need three new leaders to take on the Scout section in order to continue to offer the full range of scouting at 8th Cheam.

I would say it suits the kind of person who enjoys the outdoors. Someone who perhaps spends a few weekends a year camping and hiking and generally enjoying nature.

There is a huge range of support resources available for the scout section and good structure to the award scheme
plus the current leader team at 8th Cheam to share the load for camps and trips.

If you feel it’s your time to try something new or know of anyone who may be interested, please get in touch with the executive or your section leader.

In the meantime the remaining leaders will continue to offer some weekend type scouting activities until a new leadership team can be found.

We’re all looking forward to getting back to some degree of normality and it looks as though we may, finally, be able to do so this year.

Thank you for your continued support.

2. Spring Term Programme.

Given the stipulations above and the well-being of our volunteers, both the Leadership and Executive teams have agreed the following short term Spring term plan for 8th Cheam:

  • All Section meetings will resume after Easter out doors and will be held on a fortnightly basis. Obviously should the readiness level change this will be reviewed accordingly.

Considering this we would still like to offer a number of outdoor/indoor activities that can be carried out individually, as well as meeting this term.

  • These are:
    • April – Scout Challenge – Make and accessorise a hiking stick.
    • April – 16th/17th – Walton Firs Activity Day
    • April – 25thSt. Georges Day Promise Renewal on Sunday at 3pm via Zoom
  • Please bear with us as the notice period for some of these activities may be short.  We will try to be as flexible as we can to allow as many young people to join in as possible.
3. Projects, funds and fundraising.
Project 2020 – Gas Fire Upgrade – Completed!

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the 8th Cheam Exec team, in their fundraising and installation, we are excited to announce that our gas fire replacement project has been successfully completed! Two new efficient gas fires plus safety guards now occupy the space where the old ones previously stood.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped or donated in any way to make this happen.

The funding for this project came from the discos, AGM events, the Tesco Grant (blue tokens) and the sale of some old camping equipment.

Job well done!


The Executive has successfully secured a number of grants over 2020/21. These will help pay for the running of scout hall. Not charging subs for the Spring term, due to the limited programme, and sectional meetings aren’t taking place there.

4. We are using Zoom as our on-line meeting platform.

The leaders and executive are keeping up to date with on-line meetings. They discuss the day to day running of the group’s finances, its HQ, programme ideas. Also to keep up to date with all the latest information sent down from the Scout Association.

5. We are still delivering a comprehensive programme.

All our sections are either communicating with parents via email and/or WhatsApp and are running regular Zoom meetings so that our young people can keep up to date with all their badge work, take part in our own indoors/outdoors group activities and stay safe and much more…

6. If you’d like your child to join 8th Cheam.

8th Cheam are still taking on new members. If you would like your child to join us as a Beaver, Cub or Scout, just send an email to the respective section leader (see relevant page).

Beavers 6-8, Cubs 8-10.5, Scouts 10-14.5, Adult Volunteer, (see relevant pages). We will forward you an application form by return email.

Stay safe and keep well

8th Cheam Scout Group