Kids Halloween Disco

Web Halloween DiscoKids Halloween Disco.

Saturday 28th October,
5.00 – 7.00pm at our Scout HQ.

Come on by, if you dare, for spooktacular surprises, Live Music, fun and games!
Admission: Child (6-14 years old)  £5.00  (If younger than 6, child MUST be accompanied by an Adult).

  • Fancy Dress Competition
  • Live DJ,
  • Trick or Treat Tuck Shop

So don’t forget your costume!!!

†Details subject to change and alteration see hand-out for final details.



Skip-a-Thon raises funds

8th Cheam Cubs Skip-a-Thon raises funds for charity.WP_20170713_20_12_43_Pro (3sml)

We are very proud of our Cubs with their sponsored Skip-a-Thon.

Together they’ve raised an incredible £470 for UCH T11 Cancer Ward and the money is still coming in. You all did amazing…well done.

BBQ and AGM…great success

8th Cheam Summer BBQ and AGMWeb Thumb 2017 CS2

A big thank you to all the parents and friends who turned out for our annual summer BBQ and AGM. And to all those behind the scene who organised the event.

It was a great success. Fun was had by all!


Project ’17 and 17 Part II

Project '17 and 17 Part II

Project ’17 : Boundary Fence Renewal.

The Group now has a new boundary fence thanks to a lot of effort by a small band of parents and friends of the group.

Our perimeter is very long , so back in 2015 and with little cash to throw at the project, we hit on the idea of recycling old pallets to make a picket style fence. So from a pile of old pallets, a little scouting ingenuity and some muscle, plus a lot of help from a small band of parents and friends of the group, the project, as can be seen from the pictures, has been completed. This also includes a new metal gate made and donated by Steve, one our parents.

Thank you all for last two weekend’s fantastic effort to finally complete Project’17 .

But it doesn’t stop now! We are now looking for volunteers to help us with Project‘17 Part II which is our boundary fence with the park.

Project ’17 Part II

Our fence facing the park is more serious. It’s 23.5meters long and will need a lot of work as the posts need to be straightened or replaced as well as replacing all the ageing featherboard  fencing. As it faces the park it will have to be more secure. Fortunately we have been donated approximately 25meters of feather board fencing along with all the posts needed to complete the task.

We still need your help to complete this project. So if you can assist us in any way please let your section leader know and we will forward any relevant information to you.

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Diary & HQ Maintenance Dates 2017

Diary & HQ Maintenance Dates 2017

Diary Dates 2017

These events are important dates in the Scouting/Group calendar
OR are held to help raise funds for the Group

  • Saturday 28th October – Kids Halloween Disco (for 6-14 years old)
  • Sunday 12th November – Remembrance Sunday & Service
  • Sunday 3rd December – Group Carol Service
  • Sunday 10th December – Christingle Youth Service
  • On going – Project ’17 & 17 part II – Boundary Fence Renewal

HQ Maintenance Dates 2017

This is held on the first Saturday of every month.
The hall is open from 10.30am to 5.00pm approx. Tools supplied.
Tea & Coffee supplied (lunch if helping for most of the day).

  • Boundary Fence Project – on going – please see posters in lobby at HQ
  • Maintenance – 7th Oct
  • Maintenance – 4th Nov
  • Maintenance – 2nd Dec (Decorating HQ for Carol Service)
  • Maintenance – 3rd Feb ’18
  • Maintenance – 3rd Mar ’18

As all dates may be subject to change, please check with your section leader

To Busy to Volunteer?

To Busy to Volunteer?bear-g-pointing

think again…

Volunteering for Scouting is easier than you think.

Whether you can spare an hour a month or a day a year, we have hundreds of opportunities both behind the scenes and working with young people.
With full support and training, you can experience the fun, friendship and adventure of Scouting for yourself, all on a flexible basis.

Volunteer today and make a positive impact in your community.

The Group Executive Committee (Exec)

This is vital for the running of the group as they make collaborative decisions and carry out administrative tasks to ensure the best quality of scouting for your children.

The Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader (GSL) in their duties and are financially and legally responsible for the running of the Group. The individuals who make up the Exec act as charity Trustees for the best interests of the children in every decision they make. Our group cannot run without it.

To enable the Group to continue running effectively, filling the GSL and Executive roles has to be our main priority over the comming months, so that the group can continue to offer the best scouting experience in Cheam.

If you would like to or need further information on volunteering for the position of GSL, a helper or becoming a committee member please email the group at:


COMPASS: An improved membership systemCompass logo

Over the past year The Scout Association (TSA) has been commissioning a new data collection system called COMPASS. All Scout Groups are currently in the process of migrating over to this new membership management system which is called Project Compass.

What follows is a brief description and the safeguards as supplied by the The Scout Association.

What is Compass

Compass is the national membership system for TSA. Every volunteer and young person in Scouting in the United Kingdom will have their details and Scouting record maintained in this system. Young people will also have their parent/carer information stored on Compass.

As a registered Scout Group we now have to use Compass to keep your child’s personal information safe and in one place so we always have the most accurate contact details and personal information to ensure we offer the best experience Scouting can offer your child.

Although your child’s personal information will be held in a system used nationally, only adult volunteers directly involved in the running of Scouting in your area will be able to view the information. Limited number of Headquarters staff can view records for safeguarding purposes.

What Security does it Offer

Compass has been designed to be compliant with the United Kingdom’s data protection requirements and undergone tough security testing. TSA currently holds the ISO27001:2013 standard for the administration of recreational activities and support for young people in the United Kingdom. Information Security and Data Protection experts have tested Compass to ensure it meets all relevant legislation as a minimum.

Compass does more than just offer a safe place to store the essential details, it also acts as a record of a members Scouting progress and performs administration tasks for Scouting to help make all of our lives easier. For example Leaders can record on Compass a members badge and award progress.

Using Compass

Members will have the same record all the way through their Scouting career. This means you do not have to repeat the same information every time they move Sections. The Section Leaders keep it up to date and the new leaders will instantly have access to this once they have transferred Section, and if you were to move, Group. Eventually Compass will illuminate the need to send out  paper copies and letters about up and coming camps, outings and events.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I need to provide my family information again?
It is important that the information we upload into Compass is correct so that the Leaders can start using the system asap. Leaders are busy managing their group activities and all the administration that the activities need. This is a one-off exercise that will benefit Leaders and parents going forward with reduced administration.

What is Compass?
Compass is the free and secure tool from The Scout Association to help keep track of Scouting. We asked members how HQ could help make Scout administration quicker and easier. Compass is the result – a membership system that’s been researched, developed and tested with members in a range of Scout roles.

Why do we need to keep up to date information?
The data for all members (youth and adults) are being held in Compass to ensure as a membership organisation we know who our members are at any one time. Keeping the data of all our members in one place allows all programme planning tasks to be done in the same place as any adult members’ task, and for messages to be shared with both groups of people at the same time if relevant. The minimum information to be held on Compass about a young person is the same information a section leader would collect when a young person joins, it is just storing it in a different safe place.

Why do we need to use Compass?
Compass has not only been developed to save time and help make all our Scout admin easier to manage, it has also been developed to help you keep your Scout records and data held on young people, parents and adults safe. In order to comply with the data protection act all member data should be stored in Compass, and Compass only in order for people’s personal data not to be held on lots of documents on lots of different people’s computers/files.

Who has access to the information?
Only members with suitable authorisation will have access to member data. For example, a Section Leader will only be able to see the data for the young people in their section, a Group Scout Leader will be able to see only their Group, a parent eventually will only be able to see their information and their child’s, but a District Commissioner will be able to see the data for young people and adults in the whole District. We have the ability to restrict access to any records when required.

Project Memorial Square — Pictures

Project Memorial Square -- Pictures

Memorial Square







NEWS UPDATE: Updated outside lighting has been kindly donated and has now been installed.

We have now built a permanent brick BBQ, which will allow our members to brush-up on their cooking skills as well as create an area for parents to relax in at our Summer BBQ for instance (weather permitting of course!).

Stage 4: To erect a pagoda (when we can acquire the timber) over the area to give the area  protection and a little more privacy and to build in some permanent seating.

The final concepts of the ‘Memorial Square’ is shown above.

Any assistance or materials you can provide for this special project will be gratefully received. Just speak to your Section Leader or email us at

Our next big project is to repair and replace the fencing along our boundary with the park

Thanks to everybody involved for all your help in this project over the past couple of years.

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